The Senior Learner Years 10, 11 and 12

Courage and Conviction in the world

Scots aims to produce boys in Years 10, 11 and 12 who are confident, well-grounded, fine young men, motivated and equipped to pursue the art of scholarship as an integral part of rich and rewarding lives.

In these years, they are engaged in the community of their school and in the world at large. They understand that to be wise encompasses a knowledge of the past, perceptive insight into the present and innovative thinking about the global future. They have reflected on their own strengths and weaknesses. They understand the potential for their own growth built on past successes. Brave of heart and bold of mind, they are willing to take intellectual risks, learning through experience and constructive criticism.

The whole of their schooling is designed to foster intellectual curiosity. They are interested in the history of ideas, in their own culture and that of others. They are team players and yet their own men. They use empathy as a compelling tool for engaged citizenship. They will not shy away from leadership opportunities when they arise, leading through service to embrace lives that have purpose.

In approaching problems, they listen actively and strive for understanding. They manage their own learning, employing effective strategies to locate, analyse and evaluate information. They can appraise ideas and people, ask generative questions and draw insightful conclusions. They perceive the world through a variety of interdisciplinary lenses - scientific, literary, historical, sociological and cultural. They are creative in their logic. They make informed ethical choices and accept responsibility for the choices they make.

Inquisitive, passionate, enterprising, open-minded and resilient, they are above all diligent - understanding that great things are possible through sustained effort in good faith.

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