The Senior Prep Learner - Years 5 to 6

Mastery in the world at the Senior Prep School

Building upon foundational knowledge and skills, Scots Senior Preparatory boys enter the next stage of their journey to manhood. Learning becomes a personal quest for mastery.

Moving to the Ginahgulla Building on Victoria Road, Bellevue Hill the boys enjoy the significant benefits of a transition year in classrooms next to Fairfax House and its grounds.

As Year 5 is also an entry point for enrolments, the boys have access to Senior School facilities and staff yet maintain contact with younger boys and the Prep staff through visits for House meetings and leadership activities.

The School has an important multicultural and international dimension to its life, with boys often arriving from overseas to take up places. The buddy system and orientation visits smooth the way for those newcomers, and special assessments enable boys to be placed in classes and groups that enable them to build strongly on their existing skills.

During these next two years, the boys improve their ability to plan systematically, break projects down into manageable tasks and broaden their range of problem-solving strategies. When complexity is confronted, boys seek help with problem-solving strategies, appreciating that risk-taking is necessary for intellectual growth.

Collaborative inquiry becomes a key focus for Ginahgulla students. Boys learn to appreciate the benefits gained from effective group work. Emotional intelligence matures as they learn to listen respectfully, ask probing questions, hypothesize and reflect on their understanding. Increasingly boys engage in authentic tasks, valuing the opportunity to analyse issues of significance. Seeing purpose in a task drives momentum in learning.

The College's notebook computer program empowers the boys as contemporary learners. Effective use of technology broadens horizons, allowing students to access information and to communicate with experts from around the world.

The independence achieved through the Junior Preparatory Years has provided boys with a sense of control and responsibility for their own learning while still enjoying the support of a strong class-based culture. However, alongside independence comes an appreciation of interdependence as the cornerstone of social conscience. The boys are encouraged to take an empathetic view of ways in which their actions influence and impact those around them.

The potential for all students as leaders is developed through focus on the virtues of compassion, truthfulness and "Servant Leadership". All boys are trained in public speaking to complement a programme in leadership training. As Senior Prep Leaders, boys provide meaningful service to younger students in the school community and come to recognise that they have the opportunity to leave their mark on the College and the world beyond.

Parents and boys alike value the marking of the transition through to the Senior School. From the father and son breakfasts and the mother and sons dance through to the Year 6 Graduation Dinner, families look forward with anticipation to the challenges of the next stage of their Scots journey.

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