The Middle Learner Years 7, 8 and 9

Adventure in the world

The Scots College is a distinctive Australian school that defends the honourable traditions, adventures and learning of boys. We exist to inspire boys to lead, learn and serve as they strive for excellence together.

As a boy begins his journey through his first Senior School years, adventure is core to his experiences. We are committed to developing a culture of high expectations that nourishes the development of creative, confident, accomplished young men. As a boys' school, we acknowledge the importance of student engagement, of challenge and active learning opportunities. Learning experiences are personalized - shaped in response to our boys' stages of development rather than their age or year level. Our boys are encouraged to develop a 'growth mindset', understanding the diverse and dynamic nature of intelligence. They all need security, support, belief in themselves and belief in the power of commitment to their learning.

As students progress through their time at the College, learning experiences support the progression from initial dependence to independence, from discovery of identity to the skills required to connect and collaborate. Ultimately, we encourage all to develop genuine wisdom through insight based on empathy, an understanding of humanity and the importance of interdependence in the world in which they live.

Strong and positive values are important to our College. Teachers avail themselves of opportunities to model 'reflection' upon the advantages and disadvantages of different courses of action, discussing positive (and negative) role models, from each student's first days in the College. With increased maturity, students are encouraged to become abstract thinkers, conceptualizing the world beyond school and their responsibilities as ethical decision makers.

Scots is committed to a genuinely liberal education, encouraging not just a broad knowledge base, but the development of strong values and 'servant leaders'. We aim to graduate young men, with the qualities and attitudes that will empower them to respond sympathetically and constructively to challenges, recognising their responsibilities to make a difference in the world.

In these middle years, Brave Hearts, Bold Minds is more than an adage, it's a statement of intent, pushing the boys to be in control of their destinies for their learning, their ambitions and to purposefully stride forward in the world.

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