Scots students on The Long Journey Home

Breaking new ground and facing a life-affirming journey, Year 9 students from The Scots College will set out on The Long Journey Home after five months living and studying at Scots' Glengarry campus.

All Year 9 students at The Scots College are required to spend one semester living and studying at the pristine Kangaroo Valley campus, two hours south west of Sydney. This immensely successful Outdoor Education Program challenges Scots' fine young men mentally, physically and emotionally; culminating in an adventure of a life time, as they embark on - The Long Journey Home.

The Long Journey Home is a symbolic six day pursuit from Glengarry to The Scots College, Bellevue Hill and will mark the end of a defining period in the boys' lives at Glengarry. The journey involves the boys notching around 200 kilometres travelling by means of cycling, walking, bus and boat. As part of this unique Outdoor Education Program, boys have spent the past few months being mentored and challenged through the experiential learning opportunities on offer at the highest ORIC (Outdoor Recreation Industry Council) accredited campus.

Absent of mobiles, televisions and video games in order to ensure students are awakened to more of themselves and their capabilities, the boys participate in a run and ride program, climbing and abseiling, camping - living off the land, canoeing and (sea) kayaking, orienteering, hiking, caving, mountain biking and horse riding.

Mr Grahame Allen, The Scots College Director of Glengarry and Outdoor Learning explains that "by providing experiences of excellence, team spirit and adventure, the boys are challenged to fully realise their inner strengths and individual resources, providing a platform for them to flourish in life. This is the heart of The Scots College's Glengarry Outdoor Education Program."

Principal of The Scots College, Dr Ian PM Lambert and co-author of newly released book, Brave Hearts, Bold Minds: Growing Fine Young Men, knows a thing or two about what motivates boys to challenge themselves and overcome their fears in order to reach their full potential and believes that new strengths and capabilities can be discovered when boys are confronted with challenges that take them beyond their comfort zones. "Glengarry's Lifestyle Leadership Program encourages boys to persevere week after week, pursuing long term goals and emerging with a strength and stamina these young men may not have even realised they possessed" said Dr Lambert.

These Year 9 students put all that they have learnt and achieved into The Long Journey Home, one final challenge and pursuit before being reunited with their families and fellow Scots classmates and friends on Thursday 21 June, where they will be welcomed by The Scots College, National Champion, Pipes and Drums unit.

15 June 2012

Photograph attached: Year 9 The Scots College students embarking on The Long Journey Home.