From Condobolin to the City

From Condobolin in country New South Wales, Charlie Wrigley, Year 12 student, went to board at The Scots College in Bellevue Hill, Sydney in Year 7. Adapting to life in the city, Charlie, a well-rounded country boy, has excelled in the community. Charlie; prefect, keen drummer in the College's Pipes and Drums and silver-medallist in the 2015 National Rowing Regatta; has also acted as a mentor for younger students in the role as the Captain of his boarding house.

From a country town seven hours from Sydney, Charlie and his parents decided that boarding would suit the needs of the family. Charlie's mother, Mrs Natascha Wrigley said, "We wanted Charlie to experience living in Sydney, receiving a diverse education and opening his eyes to the possibilities of the world. As parents we wanted our son to have an all-round education, with new experiences outside those of a small country town."

During his time in boarding, Mrs Wrigley has seen Charlie grow into a mature, young man. She said, "When Charlie began at Scots he was a little child from the country. Now, in Year 12, he has grown the skills necessary to reach his life goals. We have watched Charlie become a caring, respectful and courageous individual with heart and determination beyond his years." Charlie added, "I never thought that I would become a Prefect or a House Captain but I think that I have achieved this by being responsible in the house, respecting everyone in the College and just by trying to be a better person."

Inspired by his father ('88) who was a rower in the 1st VIII, Charlie always wanted to become involved in Rowing at a competitive level. His dream came to life when he represented Scots in the GPS Head of the River competition in the 1st VIII and was subsequently awarded the Samuel Thomas Memorial Award for Sportsmanship in Rowing. Charlie said, "My interest in Rowing has come from my dad. But the main reason I wanted to get involved in Rowing was because I thought it could change me for the better - which it did!"

"Rowing in the 1st VIII was very special to me; I have met mates and experienced moments that I will never forget."

"Charlie has learnt that anything is possible if you work hard and want it badly enough," said Mrs Wrigley.

"He takes great pride in being a boarder and loves the camaraderie that he has with the other boys in the boarding house. We have seen our son turn into a man of great courage and heart."

Charlie concluded the interview, "If I could give one piece of advice to future Scots boys, it would be to take all the opportunities that you are given so that at the end of your schooling you can look back and make sure that you do not have any regrets, or wishes that you could have done things differently."

Dr Ian Lambert, Principal at The Scots College, said "At Scots we aim to inspire an all-encompassing education. Charlie is an example of a fine scots boy who, as a boarder, has taken full advantage of the opportunities that the College has to offer. He has demonstrated an understanding that great things are possible through sustained effort."