Original Scots Drama production restaged at the 10th Annual Sydney Comedy Festival

A group of the best student improvisers in NSW from The Scots College and Sydney Girls' High will be performing the character-based show Improv Soap Opera on the big stage at the 10th Annual Sydney Comedy Festival on Saturday 17 May.

The show is being restaged by Mr Steen Raskopoulos who brought Improm, a sell-out Scots' production, to The Sydney Comedy Festival in 2011. Improm was the first Secondary student show to be included in the Sydney Comedy Festival.

For the past seven consecutive years, Scots boys have represented the College in the Theatresports Schools Challenge Grand Final at the Enmore Theatre. Ms Ravenna Gregory, Head of Drama at The Scots College, said "We have become one of the strongest improvisation schools in Australia and I would like to see this continue and expand in the future."

"The spontaneity, risk taking and trust at the heart of improvisation has made it a natural fit for Scots and it has been a real focus for Drama over the past seven years."

"Our goal for Drama at Scots is to create the challenges and opportunities that ultimately lead to the creation of fine young Scotsmen who appreciate the importance of art, have a stronger sense of community, and have the confidence to reflect on, and positively change the world around them."

Harry Licence, Vice-Captain of Drama at The Scots College and finalist in last year's Grand Final at the Theatresports Schools Challenge, is a current cast member of Improv Soap Opera.

"The nature of improvisational theatre is that it isn't always going to be good but when it is, it feels so much better than a stage production where you know when people react … You have the power to control the audiences' emotions and take them where you want them to go." Harry said.