Scots boy goes national with the Johnston MultiHitch

In the last week of October, The Scots College student Sam Johnston entered his HSC Major Design Project the Johnston MultiHitch into Farm Inventor of the Year Competition sponsored by The Land and NSW Farmers.

Sam was awarded 2nd place in the State competition and 3rd place in the National competition. As both competitions were open, Sam competed against many older and more experienced farmers.

"The idea for the MultiHitch came from identifying issues that revolved around tractor safety," said Sam. By utilising the back end of the tractor and confining tractor usage to inside the cabin, Sam's invention could help reduce the number of people killed in tractor incidents.

"Since the average age of farmers in Australia is getting older I thought that it was a brilliant area to design a product for," he said.

All competition entries were required to have practical on-farm or rural living application and be the original idea of the entrants.

Ms Jenny Holt, Design and Technology Teacher at The Scots College said "There is nothing more rewarding than watching students learn and grow through discovery. Sam epitomised this learning journey in the creation of the Johnston MultiHitch."

The device was also designed to increase efficiency by allowing a number of frontend working attachments, such as hay forks, buckets and loading forks, to be transported on the tractor to the required destination. The design also increases overall tractor stability by acting as a counterweight.

"The Design and Technology teachers at Scots guided me throughout the whole process. They helped me solve problems, research materials and continually encouraged me to achieve my personal best," said Sam.

Design and Technology students at The Scots College are required to undertake extensive practical and theoretical research to develop a solution to their identified problem. Students follow the design process from conception developing their ideas into products of market ready quality.