How to enrol

Your son could be a Scots boy.

Entry Points

Your son can be enrolled at The Scots College at the following main entry points:

  • Cubs - 3 year olds program
  • Transition - 4 year olds program
  • Kindergarten
  • Year 3
  • Year 5
  • Year 7

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Overseas Students

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Prospectus Pack

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Admission Process

The admission process at The Scots College is as follows:

1. Parents enquire about admission

2. Manager of Admissions sends admission information

3. Parents return the application form and other required information.

4. College undertakes interviews and pre-enrolment testing

5. Application is processed and enrolment decision is made

6. College makes offer or advises that application was unsuccessful

7. Parents accept or decline offer.

Read the details of the enrolment process.

To download the registration fee - credit card form please click on the link.

Click here to view the College's Deferral and Withdrawal policy.

For further queries, please phone +61 2 9391 7668 or email


For information on fees, please contact Admissions on +61 2 9391 7668 or

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