Transition Cubs and Lions at the ELC

Curiosity in the world

The young Scots boys in the Early Learning Centre in Bellevue Hill are seen as having preparedness, potential, curiosity and interest in the construction of knowledge.

Principles of the Reggio Emilia philosophy for boys' learning underpin an innovative, colourful and adventurous curriculum that leads the College's youngest boys along a learning pathway designed to engage the whole family as part of the College community.

Active learning in the Transition Cubs and Lions is built on the playful beginnings of small boys who are capable, curious and able to construct understanding from the world around them. This learning is built on boys' prior learning and facilitates further learning through short and long-term projects, investigations and guide experiences of joint, open-ended discovery and problem solving.

The Cubs and Lions programs tap into the natural curiosity and energy of boys. This occurs in an environment that is designed to engage boys in exploration, inquiry, discovery and collaboration. Early literacy and numeracy capabilities in Cubs and Lions are developed through informal play-based activities as well as through intentional learning opportunities in a more recognisable school-based structure. Cubs and Lions enhance their learning through specialist lessons in Music, Dance, PE, Christian Studies and Art.

In a supportive active learning environment, boys are given the confidence to explore new ideas.

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