Kindergarten and Year 1

Exploration in the world

Active learning in Kindergarten and Year 1 moves Scots boys into a formal setting while still retaining the activity base of early learning. Boys use the processes of collaboration, exploration and problem solving across the curriculum.

In line with Reggio Emilia philosophy, teachers and boys collaborate to undertake investigations where they respond to provocations, challenge prior knowledge, explore the immediate environment by using the senses, question, share ideas and identify simple cause-and-effect relationships. This provides a contextual foundation for literacy learning comprising the five pillars - phonemic awareness, systematic phonics, vocabulary, reading fluency and comprehension.

In Kindergarten and Year 1, writing and spelling become the focus skills for learning and effective self-expression. During numeracy activities, boys ask questions and explore problems. Kindergarten and Year 1 boys use everyday language and materials to record, explore and formalise mathematical ideas. Every new skill learnt provides motivation for further learning.

Willingness to learn, when combined with a desire to look outward, promotes a thriving service learning culture. Scots boys are enthusiastic about supporting charities and often work together on projects across the Preparatory School and across the College.

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