Exploration in the world

As a boy grows he becomes a more courageous and active explorer of his world.

Scots' Brave Hearts Bold Minds education philosophy guides our teachers to encourage our young Scots boys in Kindergarten to Year 1 to explore their world.

ELC teacher, Jeni Lee, describes how the Brave Heart Bold Minds education philosophy helps young boys explore their world:

"Our staff encourage young boys try new things daily. Boys need real bravery to keep going when inevitably they fail or make mistakes along the way. There is a need for them to get back up and keep going whilst understanding it is okay to need and ask for help.

With the Reggio Emilia philosophy guiding much of our teaching practice, boys are able to focus on interests making their learning journeys both personal and meaningful. This flows into the sporting arena where boys are offered a wide range of activities, and have some freedom to explore games, equipment and play spaces with their peers.

Equally important is the need for young boys to follow their passions, even when they may not necessarily be shared with their peers. To do this effectively, boys need the support and encouragement of their teachers, parents and friends. Only then will their exploration lead to lifelong learning, discovery and 'personal best'."