Visual Arts

"All children are born artists." Picasso

Scots' Visual Arts program nurtures creativity, unpredictability, nonconformity and provides an environment where we try to develop the boys' access to the gifts of the human imagination. Creativity is just as important as literacy and numeracy.

The environment that students work in has no mistakes; it is where the boys construct examples based on trial and error, move from one medium to another and challenge conceptual outcomes.

Creativity has often been very much stigmatised as a component of education but it is based on very strict academic rigours of long hours and hard work. No matter from what discipline or from which walk of life they were from, all the great creative thinkers were once children. Keeping creativity alive is a very important part of learning at The Scots College.

Mr Gary Faulkner
Head of Visual Arts

Creative and Performing Arts

Film and Media

Design and Technology